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The Process

Here is an explanation of how to use this page. Succinctly it is to look in the list below and see if some retreat guide inspires you for whatever reason. Who can say what that reason is. In order to take a retreat with this retreat guide, typically, both you and the guide have to be in the same area for the duration of the retreat. So, one criteria may be to select a Retreat Guide who is geographically close, either to where you are now, or to where you can travel. Many guides live in a certain city and guide retreats there, as well as in other selected locations. Retreat Guides may guide a personal retreat at the same time as they are leading a group retreat. Certain retreat guides in certain circumstances may agree to guide a retreatant "by telephone".

Some retreatants prefer to take retreats with the same retreat guide year after year. Other retreatants (or retreat guides) prefer that the retreats are taken with a variety of guides.

Remember the teachings are heart-to-heart so the selection is an important one. It is always a good idea to confer with one's personal spiritual guide as to the selection of retreat guide.

List of Guides - Geographically

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