Guided Retreats

Rediscover Sacred Space

We provide a sacred, secluded space for seekers to rest and restore themselves, to turn within and rediscover their source, and to know the deep stillness that is the wellspring of authentic guidance.

Is it time?

Is it time to reconnect with your inner life, and to integrate your ideals and inner dreams with your outer life?

Are you at a turning point, deciding on your next step in life?

Do you feel the need for spiritual healing and freedom?

Perhaps you want to deepen your attunement and spiritual practice in ways not possible with a hectic daily schedule.

All of these are good reasons to consider taking an individual guided retreat. There are, of course, many more!


deep stillness

Sufi Order Individual Guided Retreats

The Sufi Order has been offering individual guided retreats since the 1970's.

Some people take retreats year after year, and we also serve many who are new to the retreat process.

Some retreatants are Sufi Order initiates; others have little or no experience with Sufi practices.

"Come, come, whoever you are."
        Rumi, 13th century poet